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Energetic power of Gorkhas including sports, exercise and food.

Energetic power of Gorkhas including sports, exercise and food.

Thought by Sanjit Shrestha Regarding fitness awareness program organized by The ocean club today at kartik 10,2080

Awakening is essential in every generation. Yesterday there was no need for it, it was spontaneous. It is necessary today because the mentality has gone crazy. Yesterday, the previous generation used to pass on Jagran as a ritual. After that one generation is over, the next generation has become moderate, materialistic.

When a needle with a money pierces the thought, it creates many holes. Culture, civilization and ideas can leak through that hole. After that! Lifestyle, diet, health and self-esteem slowly erode. When trying to think about what to do, what not to do, what is right and what is wrong, what should be done and what should not be done, it pours out through that hole, energy is lost, it reaches a state where it cannot think, the power of critical thinking decreases. Once this is done, the rat race is ready, much easier to mobilize or sheeple than in the current parlance. This is the picture of the current environment. The matter is clear. That’s why every situation here has become a loophole that cannot be avoided.

Children are the leaders of the future. Now this phrase has been proven wrong. Neither can they become Karna nor can they become sharp like Karna. It is definitely not possible to make a captain by giving the sakuni samskara. Now to solve this problem two generations of awakening are needed, one for mothers and one for children. Keeping this in mind, today at the invitation of the football club The Ocean Club in Dalbhanjang, Gorkha, a small talk program was held for the young brothers and sisters of the club about the energetic power of Gorkhas including sports, exercise, food.

This is a first step and this Gorakhbhoomi has provided the strength to slowly spread this program of awakening. No fitness professional in the world seems capable of understanding the energy of this land because the energy here is beyond science. It looks like an exaggeration, but I have spent 25 years in exercise, I have also studied science and I am also a person who grew up in this soil. I believe that this Gorakshbhoomi will provide the power to revive the forgotten lifestyle and food of the residents here. In this week’s stay, the subtleties here have been reduced to nothingness.

The rest is under his command, surrendered.

Om Shivagoraksha Namo Namah🔱🔱🔱

Jai Gorkha🔱