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Ninth Annual General Meeting completed

Ninth Annual General Meeting completed

The ninth annual general meeting and greeting exchange program of The Ocean Club Dalbhanjyang Gorkha was completed today on Saturday 4th Kartik 2080 under the chairmanship of club president Amit Khatri.

Gorkha Municipality Ward No. 9 Ward Chairman Kul Bahadur Kuwar was the chief guest of the program and special guests Devendra Basnet, Dr. Anup KC, Basu Babu Khatri, Bhimsen Basnet, Nar Bdr Sirmal, Manoj Sirmal, Narayan Khatri, Birbal Thapa and Deepak Sirmal put theirs speech and words.

The General Assembly approved the policy and program and budget of FY 2080.81 presented by President Amit Khatri, the annual progress report of FY 2079.80 presented by Secretary Sabin KC and the financial report of FY 2079.80 presented by Treasurer Prakash Devkota.

Dr. Anup KC was presented with a certificate of honours for his support in the ocean club artificial turf construction project.  Similarly, jerseys have been provided to girls players who are undergoing regular training at The Ocean Club With the help of  Dr. Ravi Raj Devkota,  From Gorkha Luitel, who is currently living in USA.